Tom Benson

Tom Benson , Vice-President, Global Exploration

Dr. Benson received his Ph.D. in volcanology from Stanford University in 2017 for his research on global lithium resources associated with large magma chambers. His research has gained international acclaim, appearing in peer-reviewed publications such as Science and Nature, and covered in a wide variety of media outlets from The Atlantic to Fox News and NPR. Prior to his current position as Vice President of Global Exploration at Lithium Argentina, Dr. Benson was Vice President of Global Exploration at Lithium Americas, Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University, Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History, Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, Fulbright Scholar in at the Iceland GeoSurvey, Research Associate at MIT, and undergraduate at Harvard University. Dr. Benson advises exploration efforts at LAAC’s brine projects in Cauchari-Olaroz and Pastos Grandes and manages the company’s greenfield exploration program around the world. He is also actively engaged in peer-reviewed research on the origins of brine, pegmatite, and volcano-sedimentary lithium resources.